Saturday, February 9, 2008

Nikiszowiec - Katowice

Fot. Śląski Urząd Marszałkowski

There is such place in South of Poland - Nikiszowiec (Neekeeshowec) - which is unique in entire Europe.

Located in Katowice, biggest city in the heart of Silesia, fully built in bricks -resembles small vilages in south of Europe. Narrow streets look like city in middle ages. It turns 100 years old.

This place is unknown as sightseeing place and if you don't know about its existence, you will not see while coming to Poland.

This is the place where Polish film producers are shooting the movies and painters are painting. :) Movie directors like Kazimierz Kutz or Lech Majewski are the examples.

It was built 1908-24, based on design of Emil and Georg Zillmann. It was a colony for workers of coalmine ''Nickisch''.

Place is today fully functional including church, school, bakery, laundry, restaurant and drugstore - it was designed for 1 000 inhabitants. This place is the example of the most consistent urban design in the region.

This year it turns 100 years old and loud celebrations are planned.

Place is easy to find: by car you need to get to the crossing of highway A-4 with road 86.

More pictures at original article in Gazeta Wyborcza

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