Sunday, July 12, 2009

Eating in the Train - WARS

I took a trip last weekend to Western Pomerania - north of Poland - by Intercity train. 2nd class ticked was 107 zł/34$.
Majority of time I have spent on looking at the baby and the dog, that seemed to have fallen in love.

As hunger appeared immdiately, I went to buffet wagon. This pictures are taken in Intercity train between Szczecin and Warsaw last week (July'09).

Sweet blonde behind the bar was one of 3 staff members including the cook and the waiter.

After short look at the menu, I decided to take traditional Polish meal which is pork steak called "schabowy" (20 zł /6,25$), but the waiter managed to convince me to take dish of the day, which was pork steak with mushrooom sauce for 25 zł (7,8 $ currently). It was not worth the change. Plain schabowy would be better.

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