Sunday, June 13, 2010

Castle accomodation

Recently I was in castle in Tuczno originally built in medieval times. It is carefully renovated, located among old woods, in the least populated region. The way it looks today is not exactly the way it looked when it was built first – today it’s more renaissance palazzo, as it was rebuilt in that epoch.

The construction of this park started in 1338 by Ludwik and Lamprecht von Wedel mighty German family. It was originally planned as gothic building, where living area was planned in eastern side. It was very strategic castle – Karol IV mentioned it as one of 12 strongest castles located east of river Oder. In 1458 the castle was burned. It was very important stronghold, so there was lots of fighting about it was in possession of many different guys in the course of the history.

In the park around there are old trees and pond with artificial island. If you take a boat available at the reception, you may go under little bridge and in few minutes reach the nearest lake.

The village Tuczno is surprisingly small if you compare it with the castle and the big church located in the center of Tuczno.

There are bicycles to rent at the castle's reception, so you can easily get to the WW2 bunkers available for sightseeing. A group of enthusiasts are also dressed in the uniforms of that time, presenting weapons and telling stories.

Antygravity point!
If you get there please remember about antygravity point in Strączno called Czarodziejska Góra or Diabelska Góra. This is a place where a car with switched off engine is moving up the hill just by itself! Don’t believe it? I saw it with my own eyes last weekend! Two locals that stopped by us curious said, that this place sometimes is more active, sometimes less. One day they saw a bus moving up!

One of the best time to spend in Poland is to travel and find accommodation in the castles.


  1. It is really a nice idea of getting accommodation in a castle. I have seen castles in different countries, but do not get any type of accommodation in it. However it is good post which suggest nice idea

  2. Loved to watch all the pictures that you have posted, keep on posting more stuff like this so that there can be visitors like me who can enjoy.


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