Saturday, June 12, 2010

Vintage farm house in Masovia

Beautiful, made of wood, vintage farm house was pulled down, each piece is numbered, moved to new location from eastern Poland and put together again. Below you can see how an architect friend made a weekend house for herself - two old houses joint together to make a big one.

On the left - first old house. On the right side - you can see the only new part that joints both houses together.

Two houses made to one - I love it. Perfect job. Can you have a closer look? See what I see? This house in fact is two houses joint together with and an open space. First house is on the left side, second on the right side. 2 old wooden houses brought from eastern part of Poland.

Maybe this is not common practice, but sometimes the only chance if you want to live in vintage farm house.


  1. Its a great farm house and it looks very cool, it has a touch of the ancient exterior. Even the large woods near he house pic is cool.

  2. Poland is such a wonderful place to go for a vacation. I've been there a couple times, and I keep on coming back because the place is so lovely. There are also wonderful houses that inspired me to redesign my own home. From spiral staircases to the entire bedroom, my home is all Polish-inspired.

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